Buckley Scholarship

Who was Officer Conrad Buckley?

He was a devoted husband who cherished his wife, he was a loving father to his daughter. He loved his family unconditionally.

He was a great man and a good cop.

He was also a huge Northeastern University Huskies, New England Patriots, Boston Bruins and Boston Red Sox fan. People would gravitate to him, as he was always full of energy, life, and laughter. He loved being a cop, loved serving others, and had compassion for people. He treated people with respect and dignity both on and off the job. On numerous occasions his actions and his professionalism had a profound impact on members of the community including some of his fellow officers. Several of those people would take the time to write a letter or email to praise him and to thank him for an exceptional job.

Here is just one of the most recent emails sent to Chief Broadway about Conrad’s service:

“Chief, I am writing to you about Officer Conrad Buckley.  Over the past few years our family has had to rely upon CPD to settle family disputes centered around my two special needs children.  Over those years a few officers have made a lasting effect on the growth and well-being of our family. Officer Buckley was one of those officers.  We first made a connection with our mutual Massachusetts roots. Every time we had the unfortunate instance of calling CPD we hoped that Officer Buckley would arrive.  He was a consummate professional who always maintained his composure in tense situations.  He was also a genuinely friendly and caring man”.

Those who worked with Officer Buckley know how genuine and outgoing he was.  Always there with a smile on his face, Officer Buckley would go out of his way to say hello and ask you about your day.  He possessed and shared a great deal of knowledge and experience during his time with the Clermont Police Department as well as Northeastern University Police Department. Officer Buckley proved to be a tremendous asset to both the department and the community.

In his pain, even during his weakest moments, He was genuinely concerned about the men and women on the front lines battling COVID 19. He was also so concerned about being there for the men and women on his squad. Getting back to work on the front lines with Squad Alpha.

On Friday April 17th he sent this message…

“I was hoping I could beat this quick and easy…I feel awful for leaving the squad short”.

Who was Officer Conrad Buckley?.. He was a great man and a good cop and he will be sorely missed by all who had the privilege of knowing him. Thank you for honoring his memory.

A Legacy through education and service.